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The Difference between Tom Brady and the Rest of the Universe

Analyzing others’ success provides us with some of the clues we need to accomplish our own goals. We titled this article, “The difference between Tom Brady and the rest of the Universe,”  because we want to emphasize some of the reasons that Brady, and others like him, are so dominant.  It’s easy to assume when watching Brady […]

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The Most Important Book for any Athlete, Parent, or Coach

One of the most inspiring books that every athlete should read is The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.  In this book, Coyle investigates places around the world where impossible amounts of talent spring up, seemingly with no explanation.  Statistically speaking, talent should be spread out across the population.  That is how most genetic statistics work.  […]

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The Real Reason for Steve Young’s Success

Steve Young once told a Salt Lake City newspaper that great quarterbacks are born, not made.  This is a very perplexing comment coming from Mr. Young.  You see, Steve was a great athlete coming out of high school, but he was not yet a great quarterback.  In fact, he started out 8th on the quarterback […]

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