The WinningEdge 7-on-7 Spring 2019 Registration is Here!


WinningEdge 7-on-7 Gets Players Ready to Compete


The 2019 7-on-7 Spring League and Tournament registration forms are available:


Your competition is going to be there . . . will you?

Dedicated players and coaches are making the commitment to win this season by participating in WinningEdge Football’s 7-on-7 passing competitions. Outside of the regular season, there is no better way to prepare to execute and defend against the passing game than to compete in our tournaments. Unlike other, less competitive, passing leagues, our rules and format are set up in a way that maximizes players’ exposure to real football situations. We have adopted the same format that NFL teams use to practice their passing game and pass defense. This format is based on exposing athletes to the exact situations that they will face on game day. The simple truth is that players become good at what they practice. Our league provides a competitive and realistic environment that will sharpen the skills of all who participate.

What is 7-on-7?

7-on-7 is a competitive form of football that focuses on developing quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties in executing and defending the passing game. 7-on-7 football is played without offensive or defensive linemen. The league is 100% passing and is non-contact (no one will be wearing pads). 7-on-7 is NOT an alternative to real football. To the contrary, 7-on-7 is a format geared to prepare players for passing situations in real games, in a safer manner.

Register Today!

Registration forms can be found in the Registration section of our website.
Registration is now open for the 7-on-7 Spring League from April 19 – May 17.
Claim your spot while it is still available!


Please contact Ryan Haslem at (801) 787-4601 or Danny Bentley at (801)361-2477.